Special Collections and Archives


Special Collections and Archives is located on the second floor of the La Retama Central Library. The collections include historical materials such as manuscripts, letters, photographs, maps and other documents. Currently, the Collections contain over 50,000 items in 160 collections listed below.



Project funded through the

 Texas State Libraries and Archives Commission Loan Star Libraries Grant


Use of Special Collections Materials

The Archive room is not open to the public and materials from these collections do not check out, but are available for use in the Local History\Genealogy reading room under staff supervision.


Due to limited staffing, if you plan to visit during evening or weekend hours, it is recommended that you contact us 24 hours in advance in order to make your visit a more productive one.


Preserving the materials housed in the archive collections is vital; therefore, access to items in these collections is dependent upon their condition.  All items must be handled with care. Marking, tearing, smudging, erasing, or writing on any items is strictly prohibited. The use of gloves may be required when handling certain items.


A request form must be filled out when requesting materials from the archives. Only one folder at a time will be made available.  


Photocopying materials will be handled on a case by case basis and must be cleared with staff in advance. Duplication of materials may be denied if damage might be incurred.

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